Westfries Atletiekgala 2024 at the 13th of July

The Westfries Atletiek Gala 2024 on July 13
On Saturday, July 13, 2024, the Westfries Atletiek Gala at SAV in Grootebroek will be in its fifth edition. The previous editions were of a high standard.

The Westfries Atletiek Gala is scheduled for July 13 on the competition calendar, exactly between the major tournaments. The European Championships in Rome were held from June 7-12, followed by the National Championships for both the U20 and U18 youth and the seniors in the following weekends. It is such a great send-off competition for the Parisians to test their sharpness again and see whether the form is still there for when they participate in the Olympic Games there in the first week of August.

The Westfries Atletiek Gala is held on the SAV track in Grootebroek. Considering the track records that have been set there, it is a fast track. The athletics track is an easily accessible and attractive accommodation.

Together with the organizations of the Ter Specke Bokaal, the Harry Schulting Games, Next Generation Athletics, the T-Meeting, the Gouden Spike and the Track Meetings, we form the Track & Field series, or simply the T&F series. As an athlete, you can score points for the World Athletics rankings, E-score, at these competitions. These are the seven national top competitions in the track season, especially intended for the national top and sub-top, with extra attention for the young U20 athletes and the neo-seniors. Of course, in principle all athletes are welcome. The competitions often offer an excellent opportunity to meet limits.

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