This year’s programme will include the following disciplines. Dutch athletes are required to sign up through International athletes sign up through their contact within the organizing committee.

Main Programme
100m200m600m Mini’s
400m400m600m Pupillen C
800m800m600m Pupillen B
1500m 1000m Pupillen A
400mh100mh1000m Junioren D
Discus Throw400mh1000m Junioren C
Shot PutShot Put
Javelin ThrowJavelin Throw
High JumpHigh Jump
Long JumpLong Jump
 Pole Vault
Auxiliary programme
800m800mEnglish Mile (EM) for athletes aged 15 and over
Discus Throw

Notice to all athletes:

You may find an overview of all entries for each discipline through

No rights may be derived from this overview regarding admission to the event or placement in a particular series of the discipline. The ‘best performances’ entered by each athlete will be verified.

The organizing committee may reserve the right to admit athletes after the final registry date if this (a) improves the athletic level of the event or (b) is the result of coordination with national coaches.

In case of cancellation of entries, athletes will be admitted to the event and advanced to quicker series.